Our Happy Clients

At Tri-State Insurance Adjusters, Inc. we have made it our number one priority to cultivate and maintain permanent client relationships in the U.S and internationally. From claim inception to completion, we work closely with our client base to ensure a satisfactory experience.


I’ve had the privilege of working with Ed Minto and the fine adjusters at Tri-State for over 20 years. I manage a Lloyd’s based binder and we utilize independent adjusters throughout the country to facilitate the handling of claims. Initially we designated Tri-State as our mid-Atlantic representative but Ed’s experience and expertise became apparent and the firm quickly rose to being our adjuster of choice for all complex claims in North America. The adjustment of claims is a balance in managing the expectation of the policy holder and reporting to the market their exposure surrounding the loss. Ed and his team have the experience to deliver quality assistance to clients throughout the remediation process while managing costs to the insurers. Whether it’s a minor financial loss to a client or a multi-million dollar catastrophe, Ed Minto and Tri-State have always delivered. Fair, honorable, ethical, and professional are all descriptions of how I would describe my experience with Ed and his team at Tri-State and they continue to be our representative adjuster of choice.


Tri-State Adjusters are responsive, always acknowledging assignments quickly and reporting regularly. Their expertise is valuable when developing action plans to form detailed investigations. The adjusters can be trusted to complete the necessary investigation without over-complicating the issues. Reports from Tri-State are concise; leaving out unnecessary filler. The adjusters at Tri-State have strong negotiating skills which is an asset to a claims department. The adjusters at Tri-State are a reliable and knowledgeable group of professionals.


We’ve worked with Tri State Adjusters for over 20 years on multiple programs. Their professionalism and experience in all claims matters is unmatched in the industry. Adjuster’s reports are relevant, detailed and complete. With strong carrier relationships and a robust network of adjuster’s we are always assured claims will be handled thoroughly and timely. Their “one stop shop” approach makes them the easy choice no matter the claim size.


I had the good fortune to work with Tri-State Adjusters on a very complex claim involving industrial hygiene issues where the Plaintiff was a very sophisticated and powerful adversary. The Tri-State rep had been involved pre-suit and when I received the file, I was presented with a very detailed investigation and logical analysis of the facts and allegations. In other words, most of the really hard work was already done and it proved to be invaluable. I wish I could work with this group all the time. They are top notch!


I have been working with Tri-State Adjusters for years. Tri-State does an excellent job handling my investigation assignments. They work quickly, efficiently and professionally. They also provide quick turn-around with reporting.I am confident that you will be impressed by and appreciate Tri-States abilities, talents and work ethic.The company is dedicated to their profession and do great work.

We Find Customized Solutions With A Personal Touch

Your satisfaction is our priority

Tri-State takes pride in maintaining permanent client relationships

For 35 years, we have built a strong reputation for our commitment towards our clients.

At Tri-State we provide our clients with a unique claims handling experience tailored to fit individual claim needs.We pride ourselves in our ability to exceed expectations and provide superior services to all of our clients.It is our pleasure to be the multi-line independent adjusters you can depend on.